Welcome to the Site

2 min read Sticky July 27, 2016 at 10:50pm

Hi, I'm Chris, the creator of The Sixty Zone. Thanks for passing through.

You have entered the Sixty Zone. By no means is it time to come to a grinding halt. We see it as a time to slow down a little and enjoy the view perhaps more than you have in the past.

Just because people have hit their 60's and left the workforce doesn't mean they shouldn't continue to contribute in a meaningful way. We offer that.

Who is this for?

We are looking for capable and experienced  baby boomers (in their 60's of course) who are looking to keep their mind active, make a few extra dollars online while at the same time enjoy their retirement.  Right now registration is open to citizens and residents of the United States, Canada, UK and Australia.

Please note this work is on a casual basis and your likely to receive less than 20 hours of work a month.  If you are looking for money for survival unfortunately we cannot be of assistance.

Getting Started

We have a number of employers we serve but all require the following;

  • A laptop or Desktop Computer with up to date anti-virus software
  • A reliable internet connection
  • Knowledge of Microsoft Word
  • Good English Skills
  • A PayPal Account to get paid through


Some may require additional hardware such as headphones or a number pad on your keyboard however we're all about keeping it as simple as possible. 


Many of these businesses are seasonal and they are after flexible workers in the same way you are looking for ultimate flexible with your life.

Please register your details  below to get started today.