Do I have to be over the Age of 60 to Join?
No.  We are called the 60 zone because its a zone rather than a set rule.  We accept people from the ages of 50 to 70.  We would prefer people who consider themselves retired as, to be honest, this does not pay enough to live off.
How do I get paid?
You get pay via PayPal once every month.
Do I have to sign Paperwork in order in get Work?
Generally speaking yes.  Most of our clients require complete non-disclosure and confidentiality with all work they provide.  Additional paperwork may also need to be signed in order to receive files from us.
Do I need to Live in a Specific Country to Apply?
No.  You can be retired and travelling overseas.  You do however have to be a citizen of either Australia, Canada, USA or UK.  You will need to keep us updated to your whereabouts as some projects will be limited to staff residing in certain places due to privacy, IP addresses and security.
How Soon can I get started?
As soon as today.  Once we have all the paperwork done and dusted you will be able to receive work immediately.  The learning curve for most projects is very small.